EXPANDIZONS – episode 101

EXPANDIZONS podcast – episode 101

uploaded 3 June, 2017

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EXPANDIZONS episode 101 will lift your spirits with an hour of chilled minimal tracks and some world exotica. A lot of these sounds came from Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and the artists are from Brazil, Russia, Germany, France, and Switzerland. Enjoy this hour of audio bliss, and be sure to support the artists.


  1. NICOLAS PERA – Reconnect (UnderYourSkin Records). Buy more of his music from Beatport.
  2. MAIIA – Spanish Kiss (from the compilation “Mystic Chill” on Ektoplazm)
  3. DANDARA – Ida Y Vuelta (Buy it from Bandcamp)
  4. NINZE – Snow (original mix) – (from the compilation “Heimlich I” — buy it from Bandcamp)
  5. AZAMAT – For sure (album version) – (from the release “Not only silence between us” – from Soundcloud)
  6. LANDHOUSE & RADDANTZE – Major Kusanagi (from “Seaside Trip 1701” – buy it from Bandcamp. Also follow Seaside Trip — they’re amazing.)
  7. IORIE & LUNA – No Rush (original mix) – (from the compilation “Heimlich I” — buy it from Bandcamp)
  8. KICK BONG – Above the tree (from the EP “Above the tree” on Cosmicleaf Records. Buy it from Bandcamp or iTunes)
  9. AOR AGNI – Black Light Attack (from “Louise in the Sky with Diamonds, volume 1” — buy it from Bandcamp)

See Nicolas Pera perform live in this video:

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EXPANDIZONS – episode 100

EXPANDIZONS – episode 100


Uploaded 7 February, 2017

Hey, we finally reached a milestone — episode #100! And to celebrate, we’ve got a shiny new podcast full of sonic enjoyment. As usual, these tracks were carefully selected from indie artists around the world.

To get us in the right frame of mind right away, we start with a track from Boozooks — two German guys who make good music and deserve a lot more attention. They’re followed by Amur from Romania, who released his first EP on Local Records. It’s instrumental and emotive, yet it slowly builds into an uplifting, high-energy track.

You might recognize the Karmacoda track in this episode –“Song for a Winter’s Night” — especially if you’re a regular listener of SOMA FM. This track features Karmacoda’s “new” lead singer, Jessica Ford, whose powerful vocals can spellbind an audience.

Everything wraps up an hour later with a new track from DML (Dirk Lamprecht) from his new release on Broque Records in Germany. So put on your favorite headphones and kick back. As we always say, “Relax and enjoy the ride!”


  1. BOOZOOKS – “Indigo” (Soundcloud). You can also buy their track on the “Visions Part 2” release with Martin Kremser and Curtis Newton.
  2. AMUR — “LW,” (from “Nouă” on Local Records).  Buy it from Bandcamp.
  3. VEJOPATIS — “Sviro Lingo” (from “Versmes” on Cold Tear Records). Buy Vejopatis music from Bandcamp.
  4. DOXENT ZSIGMOND — “Homesick (featuring Kizzy Lotus and Javolenus).”  From ccMixter.
  5. AZAMAT — “Telling Me” (from “Not only silence between us”). Find it on Bandcamp.
  6. MANFREDAS — “Edit Service 75” (distributed on Soundcloud by I’m a Cliche).
  7. IN VITRO — “El Hombre Libre (Dub Mix)” (from “El Hombre Libre” on Kreislauf Records). You can find this release on archive.org.
  8. UTOPYK & EL FULMINADOR — “Heroes (Winter),” (from “Heroes,” on Fulmen Records). Buy from Bandcamp.
  9. KARMACODA — “Song for a Winter’s Night.” Buy Karmacoda tracks from iTunes.
  10. DML – “sfw,” (from “DML – The Chemistry of Boredom,” Broque Records). Buy from amazon.com in Europe or from Beatport.

Listen in Soundcloud:

Here’s some more from Boozooks — a mix they made for Seaside Trip.


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EXPANDIZONS – episode 99

EXPANDIZONS – episode 99

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Uploaded 22 November, 2016

Andrey Rico is one of the featured artists in this podcastOK. I know it’s been a long wait for a new EXPANDIZONS episode. But finally we’ve got some some new electronic goodies for your listening pleasure. Episode 99 starts with a remix track from Nightflier on ccMixter — you might appreciate the message. Then continue the groove through some netlabel and minimal tracks that I think you’ll enjoy. Lots of good stuff from Deep-X Recordings in Russia, Broque in Germany, Cold Tear in Germany, Cosmicleaf in Greece, and ccMixter. Put on your headphones, let’s go!



  1. NIGHTFLIER featuring SNOWFLAKE – “Living Nightmare” – find it on ccMixter.org!
  2. MELLENA – “Melody of Life” from the release “Vertigo,” Deep-X Recordings.
  3. VEJOPATIS – “Dai Kai Prijojo,” from the release “Versmes,” Cold Tear Records, Lithuania.
  4. KICK BONG – “Destiny,” from the release “Destiny,” Cosmicleaf Records. Buy it from Bandcamp, iTunes, or other online sellers.
  5. MOZ DESIGN – “Depression is Destiny,” from the release “Forgotten Impacts” on Deep-X Recordings. Buy it from iTunes.
  6. LINUS & EINGRAD – “Traumfahrt,” from the release “Traumfahrt” on Broque Records in Germany. Buy it from Beatport.
  7. VADIM KOTINSKIY – “Leaving Train,” from the release “Night in Amsterdam,” Deep-X Recordings.
  8. DANDARA & ARUTANI – “Rimas y Leyendas” — hear it on Soundcloud.
  9. ALEC TRONIQ – “Like so,” from the release “Mind Mill” on Broque Records.
  10. DYDJEJ_INJA with KARA SQUARE – “Rekonstrakt.” Hear it on ccMixter, follow him on Soundcloud.
  11. ANDREY RICO – “Coming Home,” from the release “Coming Home” on Deep-X Records. Buy more of Andrey’s music on Beatport and follow him on Soundcloud.

Want to hear more Kick Bong? Here’s one of his classic albums: Secret Garden.

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Karmacoda and Sutro’s secret concert

A lucky audience, a night to remember.

Karmacoda and Sutro are two premiere indietronic/chillout bands that hail from the Bay Area (even though Sutro relocated to PDX a few years ago).

Both groups have mesmerizing female vocalists backed by talented musicians and digital wizardry. They both have a great song catalog that ranges from super chill to anthemic. I was thrilled when I got invited to a private concert recently where I could hear both of them.

Sutro opened the show, with lead vocalist Tyler Stone performing some of my favorite tracks from their earlier releases like “How Things Transpire” and “Broken Distance.”

Sutro has been known to perform with Thievery Corporation and other artists. They’ve also got some new tracks coming out soon, and you can hear on Groovera.

Karmacoda took the stage next, with their new, soulful lead vocalist Jessica Ford commanding the stage. Jessica is awesome, and she took Karmacoda’s old and new tracks to powerful new heights. She had many of us singing along with her.

You can hear Jessica on this track:

Karmacoda has been a longtime Bay Area favorite, with a track record of quality music releases and videos. If you’re lucky, you can catch them at venues like Hotel Utah in San Francisco. You can also buy their albums and tracks on iTunes, including Illuminate, Evidence, Love and Fate, and Eternal. Here’s their track “Epic” (from Eternal), featuring Heather Pierce on vocals.

Many thanks to B, Jessica, Tyler, and to all of Karmacoda and Sutro for this inspiring night of chill music and cool people in a fantastic location!


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“Destiny” — great new album from Kick Bong

Just released in September 2016 — “Destiny” from Kick Bong

From its opening track “Time in suspense,” I was hooked on “Destiny,” Kick Bong’s new album. Gentle percussive grooves mix world, ambient, jazz, and a hint of Kick Bong-style psychedelia. The flute (Ludivine Dubos) adds the perfect touch. This album is lush and every track works together to complete a perfect musical destiny.

Kick Bong (aka Franck Jousselin) is based in Paris. He started releasing albums in 2005, starting with the outstanding album “Cup of Tea.” Originally on Ultra Vista Records, the album sold out and went out of print. It was later re-released on Cosmicleaf.

“Destiny” also released on Cosmicleaf records, which is a perfect label fit for King Bong. It’s available to buy on Bandcamp. Congrats to Franck, Cydelix, and Ludivine on a great release!

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What I listen to … and I hope you do, too

Some of my personal playlist for 2016…so far

I listen to a lot of music and I buy a lot of tracks. If I like something, I buy it. I think it’s a win-win for the artist and for me.

When I’m not working on a podcast episode, I’m still listening to lots of music. Here are a few examples of some artists whose music I bought recently. They might not be in the EXPANDIZONS podcast, but I think you might like them, and maybe you listen to them already.


From Paris, France via the Caucasus. Produces melodic sweet beats — a fusion of pop, world, dub, slow house. Get his EP “Addiction” from iTunes or his fabulous “Renaissance” EP on Bandcamp. Or find him in compilations like DJ Ravin’s “Buddha Bar Clubbing.”  And, of course, follow him on social media, like Facebook.


From Istanbul, Turkey. Once again, cool, minimal, melodic soundscapes. He’s performed in Berlin, in Ibiza, at Burning Man, and in Istanbul, Cairo, Brazil, and many more locales. Buy some of his tracks from Bandcamp and be sure to get “Khronos” from iTunes.


Satori from Holland released the mesmerizing album “In Between Worlds” on Under Your Skin Records. Buy it from iTunes. They’re touring — they played at Coachella and recently came through my city (at Public Works in San Francisco).


From France. A house producer with releases on lots of labels. I’m currently listening to “Oneness.”  For more info, here’s his website and his Soundcloud page. You can buy YokoO tracks from iTunes.


Based in Berlin and Mexico. I bought his EP “Natural” from Bandcamp, which features two original tracks and a remix from the above-mentioned Satori. Don’t forget to follow him on Soundcloud.


Soul Button is an electronic producer extraordinaire and the founder of Berlin’s Steyoyoke label. His mix of dreamy soundscapes and deep house puts me in the perfect mood every time. Right now I’m listening to his “Wraith EP” (available on iTunes). Take a listen to one of his mixes and I think you’ll see why I look forward to every new release…

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EXPANDIZONS – episode 98

Expandizons podcast episode 98

uploaded 9 April, 2016

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Episode 98 is full of electronic goodies for your sonic enjoyment. It features music from netlabels and cc-music houses like Sostanze Records in Italy, Miga in Spain, Deep-X in Russia, Local Records in Romania, Laridae in Austria, Digital Diamonds and Dreiton in Germany, Blocsonic, and ccMixter. We also feature a couple of new tracks from some of our favorite indie labels: SINE Music and Cosmicleaf. Enjoy!


  1. SIMON SPE – “Der Kraken Utem” (from “Thirty,” Dreiton netlabel)
  2. IV-IN – “Lie Ciocarlie” with Elena Vasilache (from Soundcloud. See his release on Local Records)
  3. THOMAS LEMMER featuring Naemi Joy – “Forever (SINE Remix)” (From the EP “Forever.” Buy from iTunes or Amazon.)
  4. GOMEZ – “Calmer” (From “300,” Deep-X Recordings)
  5. NOWHERE FAST –  “Plus i” (from the EP “Louder,” Sostanze Records netlabel)
  6. ADAPT – “Alone on Mars,” (from “Vamos a un lugar espacial,” Miga netlabel)
  7. MARCO MESTICHELLA – “Treason” (from blocsonic’s “45” series) See Marco’s website.
  8. SIDE LINER with AVIRON – “No Borders.” (From “Out of Town.”  Buy from iTunes, Amazon, or Bandcamp)
  9. FIRNWALD – “Munich Snow Kids” (from “Transit Munich,” Laridae netlabel. Buy this release from iTunes.)
  10. FRECHBAX featuring Alex Rutschmann – “Summertime” (from “Knabaustelmann,” Digital Diamonds. Buy from Bandcamp)
  11. LOVESHADOW – “Sometimes Sometimes,” featuring vocals from “The Concept of Energy.” (ccMixter)

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EXPANDIZONS – episode 97

EXPANDIZONS – episode 97

uploaded 01 March 2016

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IV-IN is from Local Records in Romania.

IV-IN is from Local Records in Romania.

It’s the 10-year anniversary of EXPANDIZONS. And we have a shiny new podcast of cool electronica to celebrate — episode 97. We’re featuring 12 great tracks from indie artists and netlabels from South America, Mexico, New Zealand, UK, Germany, and Romania.


  1. D-ECHO PROJECT – Qualquer Coisa Folk (from the release “A Blend of Nature” on Ektoplazm.com. Buy from Bandcamp.)
  2. LEÓNIDAS GHIONE – Cambio el corazon. (From the EP “Narowé” – buy from Bandcamp).
  3. RUIDO SELECTO – Oculto (from the release “Secret Lab” on the Monofónicos netlabel).
  4. ZIFHANG – Donde Esta (from the EP “Islamiento” on the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel).
  5. URBANTRAMPER – My Heart Beats Slow (from the compilation “netBloc Volume 45: Old Orchard Avenue” – blocSonic).
  6. ALEC TRONIQ AND GABRIEL VITEL – Mind Doodles (from the Broque netlabel release “Mind Mill,” which you can find at broque.de).
  7. REY IZAIN  – The Writer (featuring a vocal from myvanillaworld) From ccMixter.org.
  8. PAUL JAST – Altruistic (featuring Delor). (From the SINE Music compilation “Chillbar Volume 4″). Buy this release from iTunes, Amazon, or Beatport.
  9. BAUMFREUND – Lapidosus (from the compilation “Thirty” from the Dreiton netlabel).
  10. NEW DELHI FM – At Night (from the release “Swim,” buy from iTunes)
  11. IV-IN – Baba Yaga (from his release “Aerian” on Local Records in Romania)
  12. HAUTE CULTURE – Gladias (from the EP “The Chordial,” Local Records)

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Discover: Brokenkites

Discover the music of Brokenkites

As they describe themselves, Brokenkites “writes thematic electric soundtracks for the movie that you’re living.” Personally, I find their music compelling and beautiful. And their description is pretty accurate.

Episode 79 features a Brokenkites track. But you can find a lot more of their music on Bandcamp and buy it for your own collection. Their latest release is “One Thousand Echoes – Postascendance.”

Brokenkites claims to be from Antarctica. I can’t verify this. However you can follow them on Facebook and buy their music on iTunes in addition to Bandcamp.

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EXPANDIZONS – episode 96

scintalekt-the-dreamhouse-effect-600x600Expandizons – episode 96

Uploaded 27 December 2015

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I think most of you agree: 2015 has been a tumultuous year. And we need a musical compass to keep us calm and focused on what’s important. That’s where episode 96 comes in. These 10 great tracks can help you get ready for whatever comes next — or just be in the moment. This podcast includes releases from SINE Music, Anitek, Alec Troniq, Utopyk & El Fulminador, Magnatune, Ektoplazm, tonAtom, and more.

EXPANDIZONS episode 96 by Djcary on Mixcloud


  1. CLELIA FELIX – Nuages Bleus (from the SINE Music compilation “Autumn Time Volume 3,” — buy it from iTunes or Amazon)
  2. ANITEK – Oblivious  (featuring Evantronic) (from “Luna,” released on Dusted Wax. Buy it from Bandcamp)
  3. ALEC TRONIQ – The Aviating (with Gabriel Vitel) (from the Broque netlabel)
  4. UTOPYK & EL FULMINADOR – Neubaten (Zink) (From the EP “Neubaten” from Fulmen Records. Buy it from Bandcamp)
  5. PROCESSOR – Consequence (from the release “Surface.” Buy it from Magnatune)
  6. SCINTALEKT – Mood Machine (from the release “The Dreamhouse Effect” — find it on Ektoplazm.com)
  7. EMANCIPATOR – The Key (Live) (from Soundcloud. Buy Emancipator’s music from iTunes or Bandcamp)
  8. KLANGSTEIN – These Days 2015 (from the release “Orbit” on SINE Music — buy it from iTunes or Amazon)
  9. PHILLIP WEIGL – Traces (from the release “Silently Moving,” buy it from Magnatune)
  10. XENOTON – Friedichshain (from the release “Traveller” on tonAtom records)

More from Emancipator:

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