Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 84

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 84

uploaded 06 May, 2012

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Los Chicos Altos cover

Los Chicos Altos is one of the UrbanWorld artists featured in this episode.


This episode starts out high energy: enjoy the world beats from Switchstance Recordings and UrbanWorld records and get your adrenaline flowing! Enjoy the fresh tracks from Ancient Astronauts, Los Chicos Altos, and Silver Bullit, with help from artists like Fort Knox Five, Fantabis, Shaka Loveless, and Superpendejos.

Then we slowly chill out to some psybient and dub from new artists to this podcast (Fakear, Dubrak, Soulacybin, and Zero-Project). You’ll also hear new tracks from Frenic, Master Margherita, Side Liner, Anitek, and Setsuna.
** With thanks to Switchstance, UrbanWorld, Dusted Wax, Cosmicleaf, SINE Music, Psyderweb, Ektoplazm, and Jamendo.

1hr, 1min







The playlist:

  1. ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS – 36 Hours (Fort Knox Five Remix) (Switchstance Recordings, buy from iTunes , download sampler from Bandcamp)
  2. LOS CHICOS ALTOS – Se va Mamba (UrbanWorld Records, from the EP “Se va Mamba,” buy from iTunes or Amazon)
  3. SILVER BULLIT – The Meter, featuring Fantabis and Shaka Loveless (Superpendejos Remix (UrbanWorld Records, from the “Koloko” EP, buy from Amazon)
  4. FRENIC – Lazy Sunday Stereo (from the “Present and Correct” EP, Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel)
  5. FAKEAR – Bloody Western (from the Digital Pit release “Washin’ Machine” on Bandcamp.)
  6. MASTER MARGHERITA – Drumspyder – Summer Drum’s Solo (download it from Bandcamp, buy his music from iTunes)
  7. DUBTRAK – Dark River Tribe (Lost in Time) (from the release “The Dancer Behind the Mask,” released on Ektoplazm)
  8. SIDE LINER – Forgiveness (Eguana Remix) (from the release “Missing Pieces of a Puzzle,” Cosmicleaf Records. Buy from iTunes or Amazon.)
  9. SOULACYBIN – Hunab Ku (from the release “Self Existing Earth” on Psyderweb Records. Find it on Ektoplazm.)
  10. ZERO-PROJECT – Earthbeat (from the release “Earth,” find it on his website at www.zero-project.gr)
  11. ANITEK – Clockwork (from the release “Tab & Anitek: The Freakout Tent,” find it on Jamendo.com)
  12. SETSUNA – White Light (from the SINE Music compilation “Spring Chill Volume 1.” Buy it from iTunes )

Did you enjoy that Fort Knox Five remix? Here’s more from Fort Knox Five…a Mo’ Horizons remix:


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