Episodes from 2009

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 58

Expand Your Musical Horizons- 58 uploaded 21 December, 2009 Download AAC file (iTunes, with graphics) If you love discovering great netlabel artists as much as I do, you’ll enjoy this episode. There’s plenty of netlabel goodies in #58 — some favorites that you’ve heard before in this series, like Phour Trakk  (Ideology) and Fonogeri (Jamendo) […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 57

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 57 uploaded 07 December, 2009 AAC (iTunes) download Another hour of eclectic, chilled music awaits you in episode 57. It begins with the planetary grooves of Meditronica’s “The Third Planet,” — from their self-titled album — to get you in the right mood. Meditronica “The Third Planet” (mp3) from “Meditronica” […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- episode 56

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 56 uploaded 17 November 2009 AAC file (iTunes version, with graphics) This episode begins with a couple of great, chilled vocal tracks — first, from Hyperstory, who’s just released their debut album (also titled “Hyperstory”) in November. Following that is the trip-hoppy Screenatorium, who’s been featured before in this podcast […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- episode 55

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 55 AAC file (iTunes version, enhanced with graphics)   MP3 version Ahhh, another episode that’s full of surprises. Atiim Chenzira rocks us with his smokin,’ seductive call to physical pleasures with “Feel It (remix).” Then we segue into a couple of netlabel goodies that have a bit of guitar in […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 54

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 54 uploaded 20 October, 2009 > download AAC file (enhanced with graphics and links) > download MP3 file This episode kicks off with a soulful, uplifting track from Sven Van Hees – with vocals by Femke – from his new album, “Maverick.” It’s called “Into the Sunshine,” and it’s available for sale […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 53

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 53 uploaded 28 September, 2009 > download AAC file (enhanced with graphics) > download or play MP3 file Episode 53 features several newly released tracks that are at times cinematic, at times soulful, but always delivering chilled beats to you. This episode is nearly an hour long, and starts with an […]

Special interview episode – Divasonic/Digital Bliss

Expand Your Musical Horizons – Special interview episode with Divasonic uploaded September 20, 2009 download the enhanced podcast here (iTunes format) This special episode is a conversation with San Francisco electronica artist Divasonic. We talk about her own music and about the new music compilation that she’s just released with musician Celeste Lear: “Digital Bliss, […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- episode 52

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 52   Uploaded 07 September, 2009 AAC (iTunes) direct download MP3 version – direct download Burning Man 2009 might be coming to an end, but this is the perfect time to dedicate an episode to some of the best psyambient music on the planet. Expand Your Musical Horizons, episode 52, […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- episode 51

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 51 uploaded 23 August 2009 AAC version (iTunes, graphics, links) Atiim Chenzira opens a “Can of Wormz” for us in this episode by introducing this track about the “push and pull of relationships,” which he recorded with Divasonic. You can buy this track at a number of online sites, but we […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- episode 50

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 50 uploaded 08 August 2009 AAC version (iTunes, iPod, with graphics) It’s a milestone — episode #50 — with 13 horizon-expanding tracks. Let’s put on our headphones and celebrate together… Andreas Schneider of the XtraChill podcast in Germany joins us to introduce the first track, which he chose just for us: […]