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Tommy Guerrero’s Musical Alchemy

Tommy Guerrero is a San Francisco musician, artist, and skateboarder who combines a skateboard aesthetic with melodic downtempo and hip hop grooves. I’ve been enjoying his music for over 10 years. In his new release, “No Mans Land,” he adds an irresistible spaghetti western theme that instantly makes this release one of my favorites. Bandcamp […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 91

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 91 uploaded 13 May 2014 > play or download   Episode 91 is an hour of sonic delights, beginning with a high-energy pop track from FRIGA in Belarus, followed by Aswin Rajkumar’s remix of a malayalam folk song (originally performed by Avial). Then we relax into some downtempo and psybient […]

Goodies from Master Margherita

Master Margherita released some goodies to help you start off 2014 in the right frame of mind. He’s released all of them on Bandcamp. They include an album and two extended mixes: “The North Wall,” an album, described as deep ambient “Framed Drums (Hanfstengel mix),” dark progressive mix “Live at the Ministry of Psychedelic,” a […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 88

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 88 uploaded 11 December, 2012 > play or download AAC file It’s always nice to finish the year with a pocket full of stunning new music. And this episode has lots of ear candy: starting with a track from Electrix on a new SINE Music release compiled by Raphaël Marionneau, […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 87

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 87 uploaded Tuesday, 23 October 2o12 > play in browser or download (AAC) > play or download MP3 Sophisticated world beats, ultra-cool women, dub that makes you want to clap your hands …an hour of sonic bliss awaits you in a single click. Episode 87 features Copia Doble Systema, Mango […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 83

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 83 uploaded 12 March, 2012 > download AAC podcast or play in Safari (sorry, doesn’t play in Firefox) Micropixie introduces this episode in her own intergalactic style and plays a track from her new release, “The Good, the Beige, and the Ugly.” This hour-long podcast is loaded with exotically riveting […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 82

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 82 uploaded 25 January 2012 > download or play AAC file (requires Safari or Chrome to play in browser) > download or play MP3 file (doesn’t display album art for each track, and also doesn’t seem to play in Firefox…)   Starting with some chill vocal tracks from Alfida, Psyrok, […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 80

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 80 uploaded 13 November, 2011 > download AAC file (with graphics, works in iTunes, Safari, Chrome, iOS) > download MP3 file (no graphics, also works in other players and in Firefox browser)   Prepare yourself for another long musical journey that starts with trip hop and evolves into psybient. This […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 79

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 79 uploaded 13 October, 2011 > download or play AAC file (.m4a) (plays in Safari or Chrome browsers) > download or play MP3 file (plays in all browsers, but no graphics)     Here’s another long episode full of unbelievably good music. You’ll want to keep this one for those long […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 78

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 78 uploaded 11 September, 2001 > download or play AAC file Sometimes I find so much good music that I can’t decide which tracks to play right now and which ones to save for the next episode. So I play all of them. That’s what happened here, and the result […]