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Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 90

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 90 uploaded 29 November 2013 > iTunes .m4a, play or download In the mood for some bellydance music? Maybe some Euro-latin beats? Electrodub? Melodic French rap? This episode of “Expand Your Musical Horizons” has it all and wraps it together in a nice package for a one-hour musical feast. Episode […]

Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae – Switchstance Recordings

Switchstance Recordings just released another funkadelic gem with Pyramid Funk & Dynamite Reggae from the Beatstalkers, also known as Kabanjak and Protassov from Ancient Astronauts. In true Switchstance style, you’ll enjoy the cross-pollination of urban-hipster Europe with other continents.  Enjoy, and support!  

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 89

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 89 uploaded 19 March, 2013 > play or download .m4a file (includes graphics) In need of a chill break? Or maybe a soundtrack to your productive day? We’ve got you covered. Episode 89 delivers over an hour of inspiring psybient, trip hop, dub, and worldtronica. You’ll hear unique tracks from […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 87

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 87 uploaded Tuesday, 23 October 2o12 > play in browser or download (AAC) > play or download MP3 Sophisticated world beats, ultra-cool women, dub that makes you want to clap your hands …an hour of sonic bliss awaits you in a single click. Episode 87 features Copia Doble Systema, Mango […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 86

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 86 > Play in your browser or download (AAC) uploaded 16 August 2012   This episode kicks off with some uplifting beats: an Ojos de Brujo remix from UrbanWorld records and tracks from World Hood, Deela, and Karmacoda. Then we descend into deep chilldom with some psybient tracks and a […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 85

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 85 uploaded 18 June 2012 > download it or play AAC file (in Safari browser) > download or play MP3 version This episode mixes soulful funk, dreamy trip hop, electro lounge, psybient, cumbia, balkan beats, and dub. In brief, it’s a mélange of some of my favorite beats packed into […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 84

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 84 uploaded 06 May, 2012 > play or download AAC (iTunes) version (works in Safari browser, includes graphics) > play or download MP3 version (works in Firefox, others — but no graphics!)   This episode starts out high energy: enjoy the world beats from Switchstance Recordings and UrbanWorld records and […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 77

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 77 uploaded 12 August 2011 > play or download .m4a broadcast This musical journey is the next soundtrack to a night of lounging with your friends. It’s one hour & 15 minutes of delicious vibes – from lounge to electronic textures to downtempo vocals, Indian beats, dub, and psybient. This […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 76

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 76 uploaded 29 June 2011 > listen or download .m4a Episode 76 starts with a lovely track from a Los Angeles artist named Titus and the Raindrops, who’s gaining a following on SoundCloud. And we have a few other chillout artists who might be new to you, too: Anitek, Microdots, […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 74

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 74 uploaded 09 April, 2011 > — download or play AAC (.m4a) file(1 hour, 15 minutes) Sometimes it almost hurts to find so much great music. And so it goes with this episode. Starting with Hektor Thillet’s brilliant ccMixter remix — the hip-hoppy, pain-infused “Don’t Want You Back,” and ending […]