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Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 82

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 82 uploaded 25 January 2012 > download or play AAC file (requires Safari or Chrome to play in browser) > download or play MP3 file (doesn’t display album art for each track, and also doesn’t seem to play in Firefox…)   Starting with some chill vocal tracks from Alfida, Psyrok, […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 80

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 80 uploaded 13 November, 2011 > download AAC file (with graphics, works in iTunes, Safari, Chrome, iOS) > download MP3 file (no graphics, also works in other players and in Firefox browser)   Prepare yourself for another long musical journey that starts with trip hop and evolves into psybient. This […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons-episode 65

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 65 uploaded 22 May 2010 > download or play AAC file (with graphics and links in it) Feeling stressed? It’s time to unwind and enjoy some musical delicacies from around the planet. DJeh of Screenatorium introduces their new track, “Invisible,” a collaboration with All India Radio from their new album, […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- episode 39

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 39 uploaded 01 February, 2009 AAC file (iTunes, with links and album art) MP3 file (everybody else) This episode is a full one-hour long, filled with chilled-out tracks that are sonically complementary to each other…some with vocals, but most without. Ten tracks in all, and the first seven feature artists […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- episode 37

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 37 uploaded 15 December, 2008 iTunes (AAC) version Apologies to StrangeZero and to early listeners of episode 37….I forgot to include “My Last Minute” as track 9 in this episode. I will be adding this track and reuploading it by 20 December. It’s a great track, and I hope those […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- 36

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 36 uploaded 27 November, 2008 AAC version (iTunes, graphics) This episode starts off with some high-energy beats, thanks to¬†Metricks & Gaiabeat. Their opening track is followed by Bitter:Sweet, thanks to Ioda Promonet. Bitter:Sweet “Waking Up” (mp3) from “Drama” (Quango) Buy at iTunes Music Store Buy at Rhapsody Buy at Napster […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons- episode 34

  Expand Your Musical Horizons – 34 uploaded 15 September 2008 iTunes version (artwork, bookmarks, links) MP3 version (everyone else) Episode 34 is another stellar example of the finest in chilled out, ambient, downtempo grooves. Eleven artists around the world are featured in this episode, starting with ZeniX in Greece, with the track “Halazium,” which […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 31

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 31 uploaded 07 July, 2008     AAC version (iTunes, with photos and links) MP3 version (everyone else) This episode starts out with an unusual ambient track from aoR aGNi in France. With an undercurrent of an ominous-sounding swarm, it emits upbeat electronic tones and beats while seeming somehow to […]