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Expandizons – episode 93

Expandizons – episode 93 (expand your musical horizons) EXPANDIZONS – episode 93 by Djcary on Mixcloud Episode 93 highlights some great new artists plus new releases from a few favorites. Starting with a trip-hoppy ethnogroove from German artist Astroboter, chill out to a unique new track from  Utopyk & El Fulminador (Berlin), plus Pele & […]

Expand Your Musical Horizons – episode 82

Expand Your Musical Horizons – 82 uploaded 25 January 2012 Expand Your Musical Horizons – Episode 82 by Djcary on Mixcloud > MP3 file Starting with some chill vocal tracks from Alfida, Psyrok, and Lazy Hammock, and ending with tribal beats from Astropilot and electro-spaghetti-western vibes from Shantifax, this episode also delivers a delicious cumbia […]